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Ласкаво просимо в Асоціацію Ортодонтів України - професійне об'єднання ортодонтів, яке стоїть на захисті лікарів та пацієнтів.

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+38 096 4254 096

7-9 вул. Стрітенська
Київ, город Киев

+38 (096) 4254 096

АОУ - Асоціація Ортодонтів України
професійне громадське об’єднання лікарів-ортодонтів



Assocation of Ukrainian Orthodontists


Dr. Guido Sampermans

Echt / Netherlands



Dr. Guido Sampermans, D.D.S., M.S. graduated in 1980 as a general dentist (Univ. of Leuven, Belgium), started a private orthodontic offi ce in Belgium (1986) and Heinsberg/ DE (1997). 2003–2010 he led an orthodontic offi ce in Maastricht (NL). In 2010 he opened a new offi ce in Echt (NL). This is considered a state of the art orthodontic offi ce, including progressive concepts about service and effi ciency using the latest digital developments. Dr. Sampermans is an affi liate member of the Angle Society in Southern California (US) and has taught orthodontic treatment philosophy and practice management inside and outside of Europe for 15 years. He also offers micro-seminars in his offi ce on self-ligating brackets, indirect bonding, computer-related 3-D technology and modern practice management and has fi rst-class knowledge and extensive experiences with pre-adjusted appliance systems (Andrews, Roth, MBT, Roncone). He has worked with active self-ligating bracket systems since 2003, fi nishing over 5,000 cases with this system. He is guest lecturer at the post-graduate program at the University of Regensburg (DE) and lecturer at ZAFI-Institut in Vienna (AT). He developed a one year program incorporating ten sessions of two-day-courses, learning straightwire-technique from the beginning.