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АОУ - Асоціація Ортодонтів України
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Assocation of Ukrainian Orthodontists

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf J. Radlanski

Berlin / Germany

4-Seasons Orthodontics – The Best Contemporary Treatment For Patients Of All Ages


Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf J. Radlanski is Head of the Department of Craniofacial Developmental Biology at Charité - University Medicine Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin at Freie Universität Berlin. After education in medicine and dentistry in Göttingen and Minneapolis, he received a graduate and postgraduate education in Anatomy at Göttingen University (Depts. of Morphology and Embryology). Specialisation in Orthodontics at Göttingen University (Dept. of Orthodontics) and habilitation (1989) at the Medical Faculty at Göttingen University. Since 1992 at Freie Universität Berlin.
1999–2007: Managing Director of the Dental Clinic of Charité, Berlin. Guest Professor at University of California at San Francisco (USA), University of Turku (FIN), and Basle (CH). Part-time activity in an orthodontic practice. Current Research: Craniofacial morphogenesis, bridging the gap between molecular biology and morphology. Research in practical and innovative orthodontic therapy. Board member of several national and international educational institutions. Advisor in continuous education in orthodontics in intra- and extra-university institutions. Coauthor of "Dynamics of Orthodontics". Author of "The Face. Pictorial Atlas of Clinical Anatomy", together with Karl H. Wesker. Member in scientifi c boards and President of several international congresses, President of the International Orthodontic Symposium in Prague 2004, 2006–2015. President of the EurAsian Association of Orthodontists (EAO).

E-mail: ralfj.radlanski@charite.de



It is long ago that only children and adolescents were the typical patients in orthodontics. Today, after general dentistry has become so successful that patients can maintain their teeth lifelong, we as orthodontists have to accompany them during their whole life. Even highly aged patients live with their own teeth, and as teeth do not stand stable within bone, they require orthodontic treatment in several cases. Most of the major fixed prosthetic reconstructions show a better result when the teeth are lined up orthodontically before the general dentist starts his work. So it has become obvious, that has orthodontics become the main agent in dentistry. 

In this lecture, we will address the “The Four Seasons In Orthodontics”: 

  • Season One: Children from 0-10 years of age.
  • Season Two: Adolescents from 10-18 years of age.
  • Season Three: Adult patients from 18-50 years of age.
  • Season Four: The best agers, 50+ years of age.

This lecture should encourage you to improve networking with your local general dentists.