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7-9 вул. Стрітенська
Київ, город Киев

+38 (096) 4254 096

АОУ - Асоціація Ортодонтів України
професійне громадське об’єднання лікарів-ортодонтів


Prof. Patricia Valerio

Oleg Pokotylo


“How JFO can act on the correlation between malocclusions and vision alterations”

Jaw Functional Orthopedist.
Senior pos-doc researcher  at the department of physiology and biophysics , Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brazil.
Orthodontic course professor at the University of Itauna – Minas Gerais – Brazil.
Researcher of CEPECRAF – Teaching and Research Center for Craniofacial Growth and Functional Orthopedics Multidisciplinary – UNICSUL – São Paulo – Brazil.
Coordinator of theFunctional Orthopedics course from Biofokus – Turkey.
Invited Researcher Marmara University – Turkey, University of Ioannina – Greece and University of Aveiro – Portugal.