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7-9 вул. Стрітенська
Київ, город Киев

+38 (096) 4254 096

АОУ - Асоціація Ортодонтів України
професійне громадське об’єднання лікарів-ортодонтів

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The company OrthoStore

Assocation of Ukrainian Orthodontists


Blvd. Lesi Ukrainki, 26A
+3 8 050 303 94 94
+3 8 066 210 00 95
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Company profile

The company OrthoStore is the representative of the world brand LANCER orthodontics. With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, LANCER is the main supplier of orthodontic products to thousands of orthodontists and dentists around the world. The OrthoStore web-store also features various materials from other global brands. The main task of OrthoStore is to do everything that you would choose a quality and reliable material that will bring the result and a beautiful smile to your patient.

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